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Searching for your next property on-line is an excellent starting point in the buying process. As you find properties that you like, I am here to help you learn what you need to know about a property so that you can make an educated decision. Whether the property will be your primary residence, a second home, or strictly an investment property I will advise you on the pros and cons of neighborhoods, complexes and communities as well as guide you to the resources necessary for having a deep understanding of the property. Buyers typically have a lot of questions which is why I am100% available to them throughout the buying process and beyond. If you want a responsive agent who really wants to get to know you and what your intention is behind buying, I think we will be an excellent match.


Northern Mono County Real Estate

Investment Properties

Mammoth Lakes is unique in that most single family homes may only be rented out for thirty or more consecutive days unless that home is zoned Resort. If a home is zoned Resort, nightly rentals are legal in Mammoth as long as the rental is registered with the town. Very few neighborhoods in Mammoth Lakes are zoned Resort. The neighborhoods that are zoned Resort may be viewed on the Town of Mammoth Lakes zoning map located under Maps on the Resources page. Very few homes are zoned Resort which is why condominiums are the most popular investment property in the Mammoth Lakes area as 99% of condos allow nightly rentals. June Lake is a little different in that it is neighborhood and zoning specific as to whether single family homes are legal to nightly rent.

Property Management

There are a number of options on how you choose to manage a nightly rental property. To begin, the least expensive option would be to manage the property yourself by using the two most popular sites like Airbnb and VRBO. This would mean that you manage all of the bookings and would either do the cleaning and maintenance yourself or hire a trusted local cleaner and handyman to keep on top of those tasks. The other option would be to hire a local property management company that takes care of some or all of the necessary tasks such as advertising, booking, cleaning and maintaining the property for you.

These companies charge a range from 20% - 50% of the expected gross rental income earned. The lower range typically includes the basics such as cleaning and inventory inspections whereas the higher range will include everything from advertising, booking, cleaning, inspections and concierge services for the guest. There are a number of these companies in town that provide a range of services from a la carte to full service that I am happy to acquaint you with when the time comes.

When you are choosing an investment property it will be important to consider the amenities that the property offers. For example, proximity to the ski resort, gondola, underground parking or garage, bus lines, shuttles, pool, spa, sauna, tennis courts, access to hiking & biking trails, restaurants and shopping. In addition, a property with updated surfaces and modern furnishings is going to get noticed faster and receive more bookings. This means staging your condo and having professional photos on the sites you choose to advertise is going to pay off in the long run. As your agent, I am happy to help you find the right property manager as well as service providers so you will start with the best foot forward.